A Christ-Centered haven for children and families in need

From the moment you step foot on our beautiful 70-acre campus, you will sense that there’s something special about Mount Dora Children’s Home.

Since our founding in 1945, we have served as a Christ-centered haven for children and families who find themselves in need. This is a place where children are loved because we believe every child is a gift from God, made in His image and deserving of a good start in life. It is a place where children, single parents and others we serve can feel safe and be assured of receiving a friendly “hello” from people on campus.

Because of Christ’s love for us, Mount Dora Children’s Home is committed to providing a home of healing that is safe and nurturing. We are also committed to providing a loving environment and support where every child and family can discover their value and develop their giftedness.

Since Mount Dora Children’s Home began 75 years ago, society and family needs have changed dramatically, but our bedrock commitment to providing Biblically based, loving and competent care for children and families has remained steadfast. Regardless of the circumstances that brought them to us, we seek to help every child and adult under our care to discover themselves and more importantly to discover God’s will for their lives.

Our programs

While we offer counseling for pregnant women and are licensed to provide adoptions and foster care services, the focus of our ministry is on two programs designed to help struggling children and families — a residential group care program for children and our single parent program.

Residential Group Care

Residential Group Care is for girls ages 8 to 17 who are in need of a more stable home and family. The group home is staffed by qualified, Christian house parents who take a personal interest in each child’s welfare.

The Single-Parent Program

The Single-Parent Program (Single Parents Opting for Christ) provides hope and opportunity for single parents who find themselves alone and not sure where to turn for help. This program allows us to influence two generations, both the single parents and their children, while keeping a family unit intact and helping it to thrive.