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Church Relations

From our beginning in 1945, church leaders and local congregations of Churches of Christ throughout Florida and the Southeast have played a prominent role in supporting Mount Dora Children’s Home.

We welcome your congregation’s help in meeting the physical and spiritual needs of single-parent families and children in need of a better home environment.


John Temples Entertains at Port Charlotte Benefit Dinner

As a private, Christian social services agency, most of our referrals for children and single parents come from local churches in Florida and the Southeast, and from their members. While we provide for the physical needs of our residents, our overriding objective is to encourage spiritual growth among the children and single parents we serve, pointing them toward Jesus as the ultimate answer to their life’s needs.

How Your Church Can Help Us

Liberty City Church of Christ annual workday at MDCH

We welcome your and your church’s help. Here are just some of the ways you can engage with us:

Financial support

The regular financial support of churches is essential to our being able to continue to provide the services we offer to children and adults at MDCH. Many churches include us in their regular monthly, quarterly, or annual giving program, while others do special collections for us each year.

Benefit dinners

We host benefit dinners each year in cities across the Southeast. Churches play a key role in promoting these dinners and encouraging their members to attend. If your church is interested in participating in an upcoming dinner — or helping host a dinner in your city — please contact us (see “More Information” below). See News & Announcements for a list of upcoming benefit dinners.

Change for Children program

The Change for Children program encourages churches to ask their members to save their loose change for the children at Mount Dora. It’s a program that everyone from business owners to children can support. We supply the coin cans and promotional ideas, making this an easy program for churches to administer.



Schedule a presentation at your church

A representative from MDCH will be glad to come to your church and make a presentation about our ministry. For supporting churches, this is a good way for your members to learn more about one of the missions your church supports. Contact us (see “More Information” below) to schedule a date.

Visit our campus

Church groups frequently visit Mount Dora for campus tours or to spend time with our children and single parents. This can range from youth groups to senior saints. Contact us (see below) to discuss possible dates and agendas.




Parties, cookouts, and special events

Some churches get creative and come up with their own ways of helping us, such as hosting cookouts for our kids, birthday and Christmas parties, or providing the funds for our children to experience cultural, educational, and travel opportunities beyond what would be covered by our normal budget. We would love to talk with your church — or your church’s senior saints, ladies’ group, men’s group, or youth group — about hosting or funding special events for our home children and single parents.

Food and supply drives

Providing for the nourishment and daily needs of our children and adult residents can be an expensive task. Churches help us by supporting one of our annual food drives, which cover most of Florida and Alabama. We provide you with a list of needed no n-perishable foods and other supplies. On a designated day, our truck comes to your church to pick up what your members have contributed.

Would you kiss a goat for a good cause?

Steve Hildebrand has not only kissed a goat but shaved his head, flown a hang-glider over a mile up (he’s afraid of heights)

Steve Hildebrand has not only kissed a goat but shaved his head, flown a hang-glider over a mile up (he’s afraid of heights)

Some churches get creative in the ways they find to support Mount Dora Children’s Home. Central Church of Christ in LaBelle, Florida, is one of those churches. Kissing a goat is just one of the extreme measures that Central’s minister, Steve Hildebrand, has found to motivate his church to give more money for the children at Mount Dora.

Hildebrand first brought a church group to campus in 2010, presenting $1,000 in money the Central congregation raised in the Change for Children coin collection. Each year since, Hildebrand has put a fun challenge before the congregation, offering to do a stunt in return for their hitting a much more ambitious goal in the Change for Children program. Since then, the Central congregation has come through in a big way, in their best year raising $20,000 for MDCH!

Making good on his promises, Hildebrand has not only kissed a goat but shaved his head, flown a hang-glider over a mile up (he’s afraid of heights), and rode his bicycle 168 miles from LaBelle to Mount Dora to deliver the church’s donation!

Thank you, Steve, and thank you, members, at Central in LaBelle for your generosity!

More information

For more information, please contact Trent Wheeler, senior development officer, at 352-729-9255, or email him here.