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Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies for the Single-Parent Program?

  • Must be currently single.
  • Must have transportation.
  • Must have custody of children.
  • Must NOT have a felony in the background check.


Do you take single dads or is it only a program for single moms?

Yes, our Single-Parent Program is open to both single moms and single dads.

What are the basic requirements and expectations for the program?

  • Must attend Christian Single and Parenting classes.
  • Must attend church two days per week (Sunday and Wednesday).
  • Must attend a weekly advisement meetings.
  • Must keep a clean home.
  • Must attend school or work or a combination of both.
  • Must not date while in the program.
  • Your personal growth and your children must be your priority during this program.

What about childcare for my children?

Some assistance is available for childcare. The single parent must apply for all eligible governmental services including childcare.

What type of education will my children have while I am attending this program?

Most of the children in the Single-Parent Program attend our own private Christian school, Mount Dora Christian Academy. We provide quality education for preschool – 12th grade.

What are the primary services you provide?

  • Housing
  • Personal skill development classes taught from a Christian perspective
  • Counseling
  • Educational assessment and testing
  • Tutoring for you and your children as available
  • Spiritual encouragement and support