As we begin our 75th year, it has been a tremendous joy to look back and see how an opportunity for higher education has changed the lives and futures of so many children who were in our care.  The Champions of Hope Scholarship Fund provides these children with much needed financial assistance as they embark on the next stage of life.

For example, consider Mike Hill, who graduated back in 1977. Mike went on to college, only to find his way back home to Mount Dora.  For the past 35 years he has served as a coach, administrator, and Facilities Director. Mike, with his wife Serita, raised their children at the school, emphasizing the values of education and the importance of Christian service. Their daughter Sara now serves as the Assistant Principal of the secondary school and is working on her doctorate degree in education.

Mike is just one of many who has gone on to achieve great things for himself and his family, but there are plenty of others just like him!

Do you remember a parent, or maybe a special teacher who told you, “You can be whatever you want to be when you grow up”? They helped instill in us a sense of hope and confidence that our opportunities are limitless.

That concept is much harder to grasp with the children and families that come through the home.  History has shown them little beyond poverty, hardship, and dependency. That is where the Champions of Hope Scholarship Fund makes a difference. This year’s graduates see those who have gone before them compete and succeed because of generous people like you.

Most of us have heard of the mountains of debt that many students have when they graduate college. The cost of tuition continues to go up year after year. At the present time, the average in-state tuition for a state college or university is $11,260. If you want to attend a private college, the average cost is $41,426.

This year we have two graduating seniors, Darien Pippin and Tyler Allen, who plan to go on to college. Among their many goals and dreams, Darien is going to play softball at Lake Sumter State College while pursuing a degree in Social Work, and Tyler wants to play football and pursue a degree in Sports Management at either Southeastern University or Warner University.

Your gift will provide Darien & Tyler a chance at a better life. When you give them HOPE, you break the cycle of poverty and restore to them the American Dream that will impact generations to come. Please send your gift today and become a Champion of Hope.

In Christian Love,

Dr. Brian Mast