What are some of your favorite memories from the Holiday season?

As I look back on my time working with the kids and staff at the Children’s Home, I decided to ask some of those who lived here over the course of my twenty-nine years.  I was deeply moved by some of their answers. Here are three that were very meaningful:

“As a child, we always thought about what we might get for Christmas.  I really didn’t expect to receive anything my first Christmas at the Children’s Home but was overwhelmed by all the things we found under the Christmas tree that year.”

“Looking back, I remember all the church groups and people who came to visit. Christmas seemed to last an entire month. There were always groups showing up and leaving things for the kids – food, bicycles, and wrapped packages.”

“The staff, teachers, and local churches made sure Christmas was a special time for us. There was always an abundance of holiday foods, gifts, and presents. The thing I remember most is people we had never met before showed up like Santa Claus with his sleigh full of toys. As children, we were thankful for all the gifts and attention, but I also remember this tremendous outpouring of genuine love.”

Here is the truly amazing thing about all the memories that were shared: while each person remembered getting toys and presents for Christmas, the one thing burned into their memory was the love shown by total strangers and their churches. Christmas season has always been a time when the children and families living on campus see the love of Christ through the generosity of His people.

This year, will you make a gift of  $100 or more  to help the children and families at Mount Dora? Your gift will make this Christmas season merry and bright for so many, but the memories you create will always be about the people who shared their love with them.

As my time as president draws to a close, I want to thank you for your faithful support of the kids at Mount Dora through your generous giving.  Much has been accomplished during my watch and there is much to look forward to under the leadership of our new president, Dr. Brian Mast.  I encourage you to come visit our campus and get acquainted. The children and single parents will inspire you and Mount Dora is a treasure you will want to explore, especially during the holidays!

All God’s blessings,

James E. Moore, President

P.S. Your gift will create a little Christmas magic…just click on the DONATE NOW button to make an online gift, or if you prefer, mail a check to the address below! While you’re at it, please take a moment to lift us all up in prayer as we begin a New Year together.