It’s hard to believe that summer has come and gone so quickly. The children at the Home had a wonderful time attending camps, making road trips with the house parents, and taking a break from homework and exams.

I knew summer was coming to a close, not because of any change in temperature or dates on a calendar; it was a trip to the local Walmart. As soon as I walked in the store I saw the power alleys lined with notebook paper, crayons, and backpacks. Immediately, my mind turned to the needs of the children at the Home.

Isn’t it funny how parents and children have different priorities when it comes to school shopping? When my kids were growing up I was focused on binders, calculators, and all the strategic items they needed to successfully navigate the rigors of the classroom. However, they were more concerned about what brands of jeans and shoes to buy and whether their backpack had the “cool factor.”

It isn’t any different for the children in the group home or single parent program; they want to fit in. It is especially important for them because they already feel like they are at a disadvantage. Stop and consider some of the things missing in their lives. Things that many of us take for granted:

A stable home without constant turmoil and heartache. 
Two parents who provide sound advice
and help with homework.
Money to pay for things like field trips, class rings,
and athletic equipment.
The encouragement and support to
go the distance and graduate.

With another school year just around the corner, it’s important that the children have all the tools available for academic, emotional, and spiritual success. This includes school uniforms, play clothes, and the appropriate technology devices to enhance their learning. Add to that sports and band uniforms, doctor’s visits, and all the miscellaneous items that come up during the year and the expenses mount pretty quickly.

We can easily spend over $500 per child before the school year even begins!

Our house parents, social workers, and staff do a great job in filling the spiritual and emotional void, but it’s the tangible items – like a new pair of athletic shoes ($75), a scientific calculator ($125), or activity fees for one of the sports programs or clubs and service groups – where you can help pick up the slack.

That’s why I am asking for your help! Your investment in each child’s future is life changing. Last year six children from the Home graduated. One went off to begin a military career and the rest are going on to college. All of them have a bright future because you provided the essential tools for their success. Your gift of $100 or more will continue to ensure that each child will have the promise of a bright and productive future.

All God’s blessings,
Dr. James E. Moore


P.S. Your gift ensures that each child gets off to a good start at the most important point in the school year. Just click on the DONATE NOW button to make an online gift, or if you prefer, mail a check to the address below!