Donate to the Back to School Appeal and help our kids reach their full potential this year


I know you might find this hard to believe, but some kids get excited about going back to school. Sounds crazy, right? Just a couple of months ago they couldn’t wait to get out!

The kids at the Mount Dora Children’s Home are eager to return to school too. And, guess what?  The house parents and single parents are equally excited, but for completely different reasons. They are looking forward to restoring some semblance of order and having someone else watch their kids for most of the day!

But, stop for a minute and think about what all is involved as the first day of school approaches. Here’s a sample checklist of things to do:

Our Social Services staff and house parents will have their hands full in the days ahead. Chris and Tonya have six kids and Troy and Rebecca have eight to get ready. Now add to that eight single parents, with fourteen more children amongst them. All together, that’s a big family with a lot of needs!

For over seventy years, people like you have provided one of the greatest benefits for kids living in the Children’s Home – the opportunity to attend a private Christian school. Mount Dora Christian Academy is the perfect place to learn and grow both spiritually and academically. Here, they are surrounded by like-minded teachers and fellow students who will help them reach their full potential.

You can help kids like Daniel, Sebastian, Carly, and Amelia as they head back to class. Your gift of any size will provide the supplies they need, and more importantly, will let them know that you love and care about them. Your gift will change their lives, and change their futures!
For the Children,
Dr. James E. Moore


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