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This is a special year at the Mount Dora Children’s Home.  Six of the residents are seniors and preparing for graduation – and amazingly, all are planning to attend college!  Isn’t that wonderful?  Three have already chosen Christian colleges, one has received an athletic scholarship in Texas, and the other two are exploring their options before making a final decision.
Earning a college degree is such an important step in life that it has become a central part of the “American Dream.”  It goes something like this: go to college, get a job, buy a house, and raise a family.  It may not always be that simple, but it starts with a college education.
The value of a college education is often presented in purely monetary terms.  But the advantages of a college degree are much greater than the effect on income.  Attainment also leads to overall happiness, stability, and opening up opportunities in life.  Look at some of the benefits:
  • On average, earnings are about $32,000 higher per year.  Over a lifetime, that’s about one million more than for someone with only a high school diploma.
  • The likelihood of having health insurance and a retirement plan funded through an employer are significantly higher.
  • Those reporting their health to be very good or excellent is 44 percent greater, and overall life expectancy is seven years longer.
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While these are very significant, take a look at these statistics for college graduates and consider their impact on a child who comes from a broken home.
  • The probability of being married is 21 percent higher and the probability of being divorced or separated is 61 percent lower.
  • The crime rate is lower and the probability of being in prison or jail is 4.9 times lower.
  • The incidence of poverty is 3.5 times lower.  Lifetime government expenditures are also about $81,000 lower.
You can see the value of a college education – especially for the kids who live here.
They will face many financial hardships in order to attend college.  Most will receive discounted tuition and grants, and all will apply for loans.  But even with all that, it won’t be enough.  That’s why last year we created the Champions of Hope Scholarship Fund.  People like you jumped on board to build a fund exclusively for kids from the Children’s Home.  It’s designed to incentivize the student to make good grades and stay in school; all the way through.  The closer they get to graduation, the more they can be awarded!
This is a way for YOU to help a child realize their dream of going to college.  Your gift will help these young people, and countless others in the future.
Will you help Jasper, Athena, Jairen, Kyle, Siera, and Jamie?   Each is deserving and ready to pursue their dreams.  Today, you can make a difference in their lives when you send a gift and become a Champion of Hope.


All God’s blessings,

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James E. Moore

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