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Back To School Appeal

This School Year, You Can Help Us Educate, Equip, and Empower Our Children


Back . . . to . . . School. Three words that can conjure up all kinds of emotions for kids and their parents. For most, there is excitement, anticipation, and eagerness. Even though the summer months provide a much-needed break, I’ve found that kids truly look forward to going back to school. They miss the camaraderie of their friends, the organized activities and sports – they even miss the challenges of classroom learning. 

But there are many children and parents who lack the financial resources necessary to provide supplies and clothing. Peer pressure can be overwhelming and their economic plight can cause kids to struggle socially and academically, and so the idea of Back to School creates entirely different feelings – such as anxiety, depression, and misery.

For the kids and single moms in our care, life has been hard and school certainly wasn’t fun. Some were picked on, made fun of, or felt unable to fit in; for others, school was a sanctuary from the troubles and drama in their home life, where their circle of friends were often closer to them than family. 

All that changed when they came to live at the Mount Dora Children’s Home...a place where every child is loved and valued. For over 75 years, we have provided a haven for the homeless along with an education founded on biblical principles.  

Every child in our care is eligible to enroll at the Mount Dora Christian Academy – one of the finest schools in Florida and the United States. Tuition is just one piece of the financial puzzle, though; technology, books, uniforms, supplies, and sports gear all add up, easily exceeding $15,000 per child.

This fall, we will have 18 children in our care as we reopen Lugar Cottage. Your generous giving will not only provide them with a Christian education, but you will ensure that every child is introduced to a relationship with God and his Son through Bible study classes and daily Chapel services (restarting this year after a year away due to COVID-19). 

Please take a few minutes to prayerfully consider making a gift to help the children at Mount Dora go back to school, and click the DONATE button at the top of this page to donate. Whatever size gift you decide to make will help us in our mission to Educate, Equip, and Empower!

For the Children,

Dr. Brian Mast


P.S. Remember the multiplication tables? You can make a small gift into a large one by becoming a Monthly Donor! To learn how, click below or contact the Development Office at 352-383-0762. You’ll earn an “A” for completing that assignment!

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