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Champions of Hope Appeal

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For 76 years, Mount Dora Christian Academy and Children’s Home (MDCA&CH) has been providing an environment where students can earn a Christian education surrounded by faculty, staff, and friends who prepare them for a better future. However, we believe our job doesn’t end with high school graduation. Thanks to your generous giving, Mount Dora Children’s Home has provided a Champions of Hope Scholarship to 15 of its students since its inception in 2015.

Jairen Gilmore Mount Dora Christian Academy

For so many of our children, this scholarship is the only way they could ever consider college. Your support of this scholarship allows recipients from the Children’s Home to keep up with the changing demands of the economy and the ever-rising cost of college.

For example, consider Jairen Gilmore, a Children’s Home resident and 2017 graduate of MDCA. The Champions of Hope scholarship helped him complete his Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science at North Carolina A&T State University, followed by a Master’s program with plans to pursue a job in cybersecurity. “As a result of the Champions of Hope scholarship, I was able to obtain another scholarship called the Cyber Corps Scholarship for Service. This scholarship is currently putting me through graduate school, and I would not have it if it were not for the chance provided to me by the Children’s Home.” says Jairen.

MDCA graduate Blessing Zim shows appreciation for the Champion of Hope Scholarship
Blessing Zim Mount Dora Christian Academy

Another awardee is Blessing Zim, a 2019 MDCA graduate. Blessing came to this country from Nigeria to play soccer at one of Florida’s prep schools, but when that didn't work out Mount Dora Christian Academy agreed to take her in. Upon graduation, she was given an athletic scholarship to Warner University in Lake Wales, Florida. Her scholarship covers 50% of her education with the expectation that the other 50% would be paid for with a job on campus – but with Covid and the limitations of an F1 Visa, she has been unable to work. “I was hopeless,” she said. “Thank God for the Children’s Home not forgetting me.” The Champions of Hope Scholarship (which is paid directly to the university) is now covering what her athletic scholarship does not. She is currently the starting forward on her soccer team while majoring in sports management and maintaining a 2.99 GPA. “I feel I was given hope,” she says. “Seeds are growing in my life and they are getting ready to germinate.”  

When you give them HOPE, you give them a chance at a better life. Thank you for your generous donation to the Champions of Hope Scholarship Fund. Your gift will help more deserving students like Jairen and Blessing strengthen their Christian faith and find continued success in life.

In Christian Love,

Dr. Brian Mast


P.S. If you would like to include a personal note with your Champions of Hope gift, we will be sure it is passed on to one of this year’s recipients of scholarship funds!