Sometimes you need a helping hand.

At Mount Dora Children’s Home, we know that being a single parent can be challenging, especially when you have experienced domestic violence or other forms of abuse, abandonment, health problems or severe financial hardships.

The Single Parent Opting for Christ (SPOC) Program is based on the belief that life’s circumstances sometimes leave single parents feeling alone and hopeless. Our residential program can provide a life-changing opportunity for those single parents who qualify and who agree to follow the terms of the program. It is a spiritually based program that can help a single parent break the vicious cycle of poverty and despair. One of the most exciting aspects of our Single Parent Opting for Christ program is that it can positively impact two generations with one opportunity, helping change the future not only for the single parent but his or her children.

  • Successful single parents must first accept their role; parenting must be their number one priority. Healthy self-care, development and maintenance of traditions and rituals for the family, financial self-sufficiency and independence, a positive attitude, and management of family time and activities are also very important.
  • Successful single parents connect with others and have a support network that is healthy and encouraging toward positive change. It is our desire to help our single parents develop and/or nurture these qualities.

SPOC is a goal-based program

Single parents are encouraged to make a consistent effort to accomplish their goals and abide by the rules and structure of the program. Once the initial goals are discussed and agreed upon, weekly reviews help monitor progress toward achieving them. Goals may be added, eliminated, or changed based on the recommendations of the treatment team or the desire of the single parent.

To accomplish the goals, single parents receive counseling, life coaching, Christian parent training, mentoring, and academic training. Academic assistance may involve obtaining a GED, or attending vocational school or college. Parents are encouraged to work at least part-time, and some single parents work on our campus when opportunities are available.

Once a family has achieved their goals and the parent can sustain the members independently, they will be encouraged to establish their own home. Follow-up services will be provided to the family as needed.

A relationship with Christ is at the center of the SPOC program. Parents develop a closer bond with Jesus through mandatory church attendance, Bible study classes, and Christian parenting classes. We believe that accepting Christ and the teachings of the Bible as the pattern for life is key to a successful family, regardless of that family’s background, composition or challenges.

The Treatment Team

We work side-by-side with single parents to encourage them and help ensure their success. The treatment team is a group of people who help the single parent family develop written goals and implement them. This team consists of the single parent, the supervisor, a social worker and agency administrative staff. The team meets weekly to review progress and discuss the impact of services rendered. A therapist will also participate in the meetings when necessary.

Services for the Single Parent Opting for Christ Program

  • Training in how to be a better Christian parent
  • Continuing education opportunities for parents, including GED, vocational school or college
  • Enrollment at Mount Dora Christian Academy for school-age children
  • Housing on campus
  • Food assistance
  • Daycare assistance for infants
  • Bible study
  • Tutoring for both parents and children
  • Professional counseling as needed
  • Medical assistance
  • Financial and money management counseling
  • Employment on campus (when possible)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies for the Single Parents Opting for Christ (SPOC) program?

  • Must be currently single.
  • Must have transportation.
  • Must have custody of children.
  • Must NOT have a felony in the background check.

Do you take single dads or is it only a program for single moms?

Yes, our SPOC program is open to both single moms and single dads.

What are the basic requirements and expectations for the program?

  • Must attend weekly Christian parenting classes.
  • Must attend church two days per week (Sunday and Wednesday).
  • Must attend a weekly advisement meeting.
  • Must keep a clean home.
  • Must attend school or work or a combination of both.
  • Must not date while in the program.
  • Your personal growth and your children must be your priority during this program.

What about childcare for my children?

Some assistance is available for childcare. The single parent must apply for all eligible governmental services including childcare.

What type of education will my children have while I am attending this program?

Most children of SPOC parents attend our own private Christian school, Mount Dora Christian Academy. We provide quality education for preschool – 12th grade.

What are the primary services you provide?

  • Counseling and weekly classes taught from a Christian perspective
  • Housing (on campus or nearby)
  • Furnishings
  • Utilities
  • Tutoring for you and your children
  • Educational assessment and testing
  • Access to our own thrift store
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*The SPOC Program is open to anyone regardless of race, creed, or religion. Participants are required to be tobacco, drug, and alcohol free on and off campus. This initial requirement is a beginning step in the health and safety of the family, as well as other participants in the program. Background checks will be performed prior to acceptance.